About Us

Located in the Rochester area of upstate New York, and still in the infancy of just starting up. We are eager to get going and work in anyway we can to help other small businesses get started or improve processes. We have very little overhead and can work with you in getting what is the best fit solution for you.

The Team

Brian Flaherty
Partner/Technical Director: Over 15 years experience in computers and technology spanning personal applications, a career in web development across multiple Content Management Systems, and military experience both within the US and deployed working on server administration and network infrastructure. He has worked on the early versions of Microsoft Windows through Windows 10, Linux, and Apple. Several years of leading projects in stressful situations that required high levels of attention to detail. Brian will make sure that we will work hard so you are happy with your solution and application.

Zac Parks
Partner/Developer: Has experience dealing with high tempo projects that require consentration and dedication to acheive the desired results. Still pursuing a degree in Computer Science he has already proven valuable to this team in acquiring clients and building sites. Extremely fast learner and highly motivated, Zac has what it takes to make a great project even better. He will not rest until the solution is perfect.

Colleen Flaherty
Graphic Designer: With over 15 years of art and design experience with hands on projects in retail stores and small businesses. Has won awards for her product displays and creative designs. Colleen has proven to be an excellent graphic designer working on projects with us.


These two guys met in 2002 and have been working on various projects since then. Both are Veterans and have served our country over seas. After returning to the civilian stage and establishing roots in their home areas of upstate New York they decided to start a side business to make some extra money and possibly make a full time career from it. This is where we are today. The goal of ByteWorX is to provide small to medium businesses with affordable technology to use to grow their business. We also aim to assist anyone that just needs some help. We are strong supporters of the armed forces and do offer a discount with proof of service. Please ask for details when talking with us.

Open Communications:

Want to get things started with a few questions?

Start by sending us an email or giving one of us a call. We will be happy to help.

Email: byteworxtechnologies@gmail.com
Phone: (585) 364-2075

Basic Rates:

All quotes will use these as starting points and guidlines for Website work. Each site is unique and may or may not require additional steps that could increase rates.

  • Software:
    • Libraries: $100/hr
    • Console Apps/Server Tasks: $80/hr
    • Client Applications: $125/hr
  • Web Development:
    • Websites: (Rates increase with database integrations)
      • Static (HTML/CSS only): $60/hr
      • Dynamic (ASP.NET): $80-100/hr
      • CMS Based: $100/hr
      • CMS with DB: $100-120/hr
    • JavaScript Plugins: $75/hr
  • PC Builds:
    • Hardware upgrades: $100/part
    • Full PC build/Rebuild: $200/system
    • Operating System Configuration: $100/hr
    • Onsite: $50
  • Consulting:
    • $40/hr (1 hour minimum)
    • All Consulting work is cumulative. If you buy time you have that time in full. For example say you ask a question that takes us 10 minutes to formulate an answer, you still have 50 minutes to use for other questions at any time.