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    Phone: (585) 507-3014

    Basic Rates:

    All quotes will use these as starting points and guidlines for Website work. Each site is unique and may or may not require additional steps that could increase rates.

    • Software:
      • Libraries: $100/hr
      • Console Apps/Server Tasks: $80/hr
      • Client Applications: $125/hr
    • Web Development:
      • Websites: (Rates increase with database integrations)
        • Static (HTML/CSS only): $60/hr
        • Dynamic (ASP.NET): $80-100/hr
        • CMS Based: $100/hr
        • CMS with DB: $100-120/hr
      • JavaScript Plugins: $75/hr
    • PC Builds:
      • Hardware upgrades: $100/part
      • Full PC build/Rebuild: $200/system
      • Operating System Configuration: $100/hr
      • Onsite: $50
    • Consulting:
      • $40/hr (1 hour minimum)
      • All Consulting work is cumulative. If you buy time you have that time in full. For example say you ask a question that takes us 10 minutes to formulate an answer, you still have 50 minutes to use for other questions at any time.