Custom Software Development

Technology can be a powerful tool in the modern world. It can also be a great hinderance if you do not have the skills to manipulate it. Let us do the manipulation and preovide you and your business with the custom software to run your business more efficiently.

C#/Java Libraries

Need a custom built Library but don't want to take the time to write it? Let us build it based on your specifications.

Console Applications
Server Tasks

Tools designed for cleaning up files, folders and/or data in the files or a database. Or scheduled tasks on your server.

Client Applications

Interactive software designed to do any number of jobs that you many need to preform on a daily basis.

All Custom Software solutions will come with install/deployment instructions. We wil also provide documentation so you will have a reference guide.

Open Communications:

Need to know the information we would need to start making your custom software piece?

Start by sending us an email or giving one of us a call. We will be happy to help


Basic Rates:

All quotes will use these as starting points and guidlines for Custom Software work. Each job is unique and may or may not require additional steps that could increase rates.

  • Libraries: $100/hr
  • Console Apps/Server Tasks: $80/hr
  • Client Applications: $125/hr