Website Development

Whether you are lookign to start fresh with a new site, rebuild and existing one, or just add/edit something on your current site we would be honored to assist your needs.

Having the right look and experience for your users is important to you, let us help you make your web presence more noticable and easier to use for your customers. We can create stand alone JavaScript and jQuery plugins, full site builds or rebuilds from static HTML pages to fully dynamic sites using database for e-commerce stores.

  • Full Sites:
    • Static: If you do not what or need to get too fancy and just need some basic pages that will almost never need updating then a simple static website would be a good option. It can have a nice clean appearance while keeping the over all cost down due to the lact of sophistication that is needed to code the site. However this is a site that will be difficult to maintain as a content author. Future changes to the site would require knowledge of HTML and either Microsoft Internet Information Services or Apache on Linux.
    • Dynamic (ASP.NET): This is an upgrade to the static site in that there can be master layouts to allow for modularization of code and also server side executed code that can perform actions and data manipulations. This adds a layer of complexity that allows for more dynamic content and web level software. Example could be online calculators, submission forms, location based detction to customise the users experience based on geographic location.
    • Dynamic with Database: Adding a database to the backend of your site will allow for storing of user accounts, products, shopping cart data, and much more. This option will allow for a higher level of site and give you a powerful tool to use.
    • Content Management System (CMS) based: This is the first option that will give you the power to edit and chagne content on your site without the need to pay developer time to make the change. This gives a much higher level of flexability and control to you to maintain and manage your site with little to no experience with HTML code.
    • CMS with Database: Geared toward businesses that are planning on doing e-commerce and maintaining an inventory of products on the web for purchase online or by contact information. This allows you to add/edit/remove products and content on the site as well as user accounts with shopping cart data and site preferences.
  • JavaScript/jQuery Plugin: JavaScript is code that runs on the users machine in the browser for the page that was called for from the server. We can create plugins that will preform functions unique to a site or page and you can distribute to other sites of use as well. For example, you have a product price savings calculator that you want a distributor to use to compare your product with others.
  • Single Page work: Just need us to take a quick peak and fix or write a simple page layout? We can do that too.

We will work with you through the entire development life cycle, from design to deployment, to ensure that your needs are being met. Bottom line, it's YOUR site. How would you like it to be?

Open Communications:

Need to know the information we would need to start making your website?

Start by sending us an email or giving one of us a call. We will be happy to help


Basic Rates:

All quotes will use these as starting points and guidlines for Website work. Each site is unique and may or may not require additional steps that could increase rates.

  • Websites: (Rates increase with database integrations)
    • Static (HTML/CSS only): $60/hr
    • Dynamic (ASP.NET): $80-100/hr
    • CMS Based: $100/hr
    • CMS with DB: $100-120/hr
  • JavaScript Plugins: $75/hr